Remote Service Contracts

A two-minute remote session can save a two-hour headache!

Automated PC Maintenance

  • The Two Minute Fix by Tates PC
    • We no longer offer residential remote plans due to the introduction of an automated program that handles 90% of end-user issues without the hourly cost of a technician. Please visit for more details.
    • Still includes online support through the ticket system.
  • Data Backup up to 2GB - $3/month
    • Overage Fee of $0.25 / 1GB stored (per month)
    • Backup only needs to be purchased once per contract and can cover up to two Windows PCs. Additional computers will consume more backup and can cause an overage fee if you are backing up large quantities of data.
    • The average user stores less than 10GB of data in their backup after 2 years (based on averaged number from over 100 residential clients with Tates PC).
  • Additional Computers are discounted
    • Additional computers must be within the same household. Requires additional setup fee.
    • This price includes the data backup if purchased for the first computer.

Monitoring and Antivirus

  • Monitoring and Antivirus
    • Enterprise ThreatTrack Antivirus with remote monitoring and resolution of viruses.
    • Scans for hardware problems and corrupted controllers every 5 minutes.
    • Scans for network intrusion and brute force attempts to hack your computer.
    • Scans for software changes.
    • Scans for Windows Updates and attempts to discard all incompatible updates that are not important or critical.
    • Scheduled tuning and cleaning services to keep your system in optimal working order.
    • Reports back all issues to Tates PC for proper resolution and training with the client.
    • Residential Clients: Please fill out this form and click next for pricing
      • Does not include an SLA and alerts will not be sent to Tates PC on the weekend.
      • Prioritized patch control and full management of Windows 7, 8, and 10 patches.
    • Business Clients (SOHO/SB): Please fill out this form and click next for pricing
      • 24/7 Alert system with prioritized monitors
      • Prioritized patch control and full management of Windows 7, 8, and 10 patches.
      • Coverage for servers and workstations
      • Downtime alerts for system-critical devices
    • Does NOT cover hourly technician service fees. This is an automated service that can self-resolve about 90% of endpoint issues. On-demand hourly technician service fees are available on our Repair Rates page.

Example Plans

Plans can be customized to meet your needs

Home - Automated support, backup, and antivirus

Small Office - Automated support, backup, and antivirus

Small Business - Automated support, backup, and antivirus

Why is Maintenance Important?

It is a well known fact that after you use a computer for an amount of time it starts to slow down. Most users will find they're experiencing: slow start-up time, sluggish response, long delays in programs opening and to much clutter in their system tray. Over time your computer is building up unwanted temporary and permanent data. We need to clean our computers regularly. They build up unwanted "junk" and external debris just like the rest of our equipment. How long do you think your car would last without an oil change? Your computer, like your car, can be expected to last longer when properly cared for and maintained.