Repair Services

A two-minute remote session can save a two-hour headache!

Automated Repair

Remediate over 100 issues in just minutes

Automated computer repair with the Two Minute Fix by Tates PC. Includes antivirus, system optimization, and continued error resolution for only $12 a month!

On-Site Service


Residential is now billed in-line with Business.

SOHO and Small Business

$75 per hour and a $75 trip charge.

Remote Service

Two Minute Fix Clients
No connection fee for under 2-minutes, then $50/hr billed by the minute.

$25 for a 10-minute session, then $50/hr billed by the minute.

SOHO and Small Business
$50 for a 10-minute session, then $75/hr billed by the minute.
NOTE: Work on servers and in domains are subject to additional fees at Tates PC's discretion.

NOTICE (updated 27-April-2017): Due to workload, only the below-listed people can request on-site or remote service. The Two Minute Fix resolves nearly 90% of issues without the need of a remote session. Please help me effeciently service as many people as possible and install the software and use it before requesting On-Site or Remote service.

  • Current residential contracted clients
  • Current or past business contracted clients
  • Referrals from current contracted business clients
  • Current Two Minute Fix subscribers
~Joe Tate