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1Duck Duck Go prides itself in a safe and secure search engine that does not track or sell your information.
2yippy search is powered by IBM Watson and attempts to show information not typically available in searches.
3Google search will show different information to different people based on Google search algorithms.
4WayBack Machine is used to look up websites that are either no longer online or altered.

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News from Tates PC

03-Jan-2022 ~ Happy New year! I hope all are well. Please do not be bothered if your health check shows your backup isn't running after migration to the new backup software. The new backup monitor is built into the enterprise dashboard and the residential software has not been updated to detect it yet. Please expect an update in the next few months and rest assured the backup is monitored on the backend by me.
    ~Joe Tate

17-Nov-2021 ~ Due to Jason's birthday celebration I will be unavailable for services the majority of Friday the 19th. Jason will be eight years old on Saturday the 20th. Happy early Birthday buddy!
    ~Joe Tate

22-Oct-2021 ~ Due to some major updates and changes with software providers I will be changing all client backups to a new platform. I've attempted to resolve some backup issues over the last month without great success. Please expect a call from me in the next few weeks; moreover, if you do not hear from me in a satisfactory timeframe then please open a support ticket.
    ~Joe Tate

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