AdBlock Status and Alert Information

If you can see this message, your computer is not currently blocking advertisments on my website. You may need to download/install adblock. I recommend AdBlock Plus, you can get it from -Tates PC
Your computer appears to be running an AdBlocker! Great!

Advertisements are a leading cause for malware on computers in today's online world. Because of this, I have started notifying people when their computer is not running an AdBlocker. Not having an AdBlocker does not mean you have a virus; however, it is an important part of online security so I feel the need to keep people informed that they're missing an important piece of protection.

What now?

  • If you see the message that your computer is running an AdBlocker, then you're done!
  • If you have a message saying you need to install one then please install an adblocker on your computer.


There is no greater reason than security. I feel the need to proactively protect my clients from threats instead of reactively. If you are viewing this message then there is a really good chance you are an active or former client of mine. This is just a way for me to say thank you and provide you with an easy, free, and important part of taking care of your computer.

I'm still seeing ads!

Well, that's to be expected. The AdBlocker that I recommend doesn't remove 100% of advertisements. In fact, it only removes the worst ones. By default, it allows advertising to continue because it's an important part of financial stability for online companies. However, due to how many they allow through and the poor vetting of off-site advertisements, I often disable all ads. To do this you can go to the options (click the icon) of your AdBlock program and select the following:

  1. Under the "General" tab, uncheck "Allow Acceptable Ads"
  2. Under the "Advanced" tab, Enable all three options for filters "Adblock Warning...", "EasyPrivacy", and "EasyList"
  3. Optionally, under the "General" tab, Enable the "Block additional tracking" to remove analytics information (can reduce browsing performance)
  4. Optionally, under the "General" tab, Enable the "Block social media ..." to disable Twitter, Facebook, and similar feeds/icons/tracking (can break some websites and/or features, like the Tates PC news feed)

I would advise against making aditional changes because an AdBlocker already puts extra work on your browser and computer. The more you have it do the more it can impact your system performance.

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